Create custom data connections in Google Sheets, quick n' easy.

Create custom data connections in Google Sheets, quick n' easy.
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Pull API data into Google Sheets faster
than you can make a cup of coffee. ☕️

Most modern software platforms and websites have an API, which is like a data pipeline.
We can use these APIs to extract the data we need into Google Sheets.
Apipheny makes it easy to connect APIs to Google Sheets.
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No more manually copying and
pasting data into Google Sheets.

✓ Connect APIs to Google Sheets
✓ Works with most APIs
✓ Make GET & POST requests
✓ Save & schedule API requests
✓ Custom =Apipheny() formula
✓ Reference cell value in API request
✓ No scripts or coding required

How it works.

1. Start by installing Apipheny, a Google Sheets API add-on.

Connect unlimited data sources and automate API data imports directly in Google Sheets with Apipheny. Click here to install it. Try if free for 30 days and if you don't like it then we'll take it back, no questions asked, and no credit card required. The trial version includes all the same bells and whistles as the paid version.

Import JSON to Google Sheets
2. Open Apipheny and enter your API request.

After installing Apipheny, open a Google Sheet. In the Google Sheets menu, click Add-ons > Apipheny > Import API to open Apipheny.

If you haven't already, sign up for a developer account on your API of choice, read the API documentation, and get your API URL. Your API request might also need a key/token, endpoint, parameter(s), and header(s), depending on the API and the data that you need to pull.

Supermetrics alternative
3. Sit back and enjoy your auto-updating spreadsheet.

Lastly, add your API URL with parameters and other components like headers into the Apipheny add-on. Then just click "Run" and you're done. Your API data will automatically import into Google Sheets.

If you want to use a free public API for testing, you can use this Chuck Norris Jokes API. Just copy and paste this URL into the add-on and then click the Run button:
Once you have your API data connected, you can use it to create custom blended reports in Google Sheets. Or connect your sheet to a free data visualizer like Google Data Studio to create custom views of all your data in one place.
All at a fraction of the cost of enterprise data integration and visualization platforms.
Integrate Google Sheets with an unlimited number of API data sources and make API calls directly in your spreadsheet.

Integrate Google Sheets with an unlimited number of API data sources and make API calls directly in your spreadsheet.

Automate data pulls in Google Sheets, without breaking the bank.

Apipheny is an affordable tool that can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to tools like Supermetrics. We're also currently offering a lifetime deal on Appsumo. Use your Apipheny-powered spreadsheet to create affordable marketing reports with PPC, social, SEO, and analytics data. Make your data pretty using Google Sheets Templates, or integrate your Sheet with a free data visualizer like Geckboard or Google Data Studio to create enterprise level charts and dashboards, without the enterprise price tag. We can create custom solutions, too. If you're not sure whether Apipheny is the right solution for you, just message our Google Sheets developers to scope out your project.


Your 1st Month Free.

  • 30 day free trial
  • No credit card needed
  • Features: same as annual plan
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Annual Plan.

  • 30 day free trial, no credit card needed
  • Access for 1 user
  • GET & POST requests
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Unlimited Sheets
  • Save API requests
  • Schedule API requests
  • Multiple URLs in the same request
  • Reference the value of a cell in your API request
  • Custom =APIPHENY() function
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Monthly Plan.

  • 30 day free trial
  • No credit card needed
  • Features: same as annual plan
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Team Pricing

Get 20% off the annual or lifetime plans for 5 or more users.

Message us to get started.

Get the Lifetime Deal and own Apipheny forever.

Made for data wranglers - analysts, marketers, agencies, and everyone in between.

Import API data into Google Sheets

Apipheny is a data analysis software and marketing automation tool that you can use to pull API data into Google Sheets from JSON and CSV sources. Make GET requests and POST requests in Google Sheets using a user-friendly app.

No Scripts Required

We're jumping on the no-code bandwagon. Apipheny is a code-less, universal API connector and easy to use JSON converter that is designed to save you time and money. Simply enter your API URL and key in the add-on to import JSON into Google Sheets.

Privacy First

Every app that Google approves must go through a strict security & privacy approval process, including ours. We don't have access to view any of your Sheets or API information. The add-on only requires very basic permissions to run.

Integrate Any API

Apipheny uses Google Apps Script to connect Google Sheets API with the API of companies like Binance, CoinMarketCap, Facebook, Github, Harvest, Mailchimp, Paypal, Quickbooks, Shopify, Surveymonkey, Typeform, and Youtube.

Affordable Alternative

You don't need an expensive data integration/visualization platform like to connect a REST API to Google Sheets. Do-It-Yourself with Apipheny, a Supermetrics alternative that you can use to get the data you need fast and cheap from any paid or free API.

It's Like Magic

Call, parse, and post data from one or multiple APIs all in Google Sheets. Manipulate the data in Sheets or integrate your Sheet with a data visualizer like Google Data Studio. There are no limits.

What is an API?

Using an API can seem intimidating at first, but learning how to use an API and reading API documentation is not as difficult as it seems. If you want to learn more about using APIs and how APIs work, read one of our helpful blog posts:

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API Integration Tutorials

Learn how to connect various APIs to Google Sheets using the Apipheny add-on. With Apipheny, you can import API data in Google Sheets from thousands of different APIs, so this is not an all inclusive list of possible integrations. These are just example tutorials of how Apipheny can be used to connect Google Sheets to some of the most popular APIs.

We're here to help!

We're here to help!

If you need assistance connecting data sources to your Sheets, creating custom automations, creating a visual dashboard, or if you have a more complicated use case, just contact us. We're a team of Google Sheets experts for hire and we can help you get set up and started. Just message us to discuss custom solution options.

Hire a Google Sheets Expert
Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Every app that Google approves must go through a strict security & privacy approval process, including ours. When you first install the add-on, you'll be asked to allow access to a few basic permissions that are required for the add-on to work properly. It is safe to give these permissions. We do not have access to view any of the information stored in your Sheets nor any of your saved API information. All of your spreadsheet/API information is stored on Google servers and none of your information is synced to our servers.

Privacy Policy
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