AI-Powered Copywriting Tools - Use AI to Write & Enhance Your Copy

Every copywriter knows that copywriting is more analytical than creative — it’s why we obsess over every single word and punctuation mark.

From the eyes of a layman (or a client who doesn’t get why you’re taking ages writing a single paragraph), the work we do can seem silly and inefficient. But what they don’t know is that it takes only a single element of copy to enhance or diminish the overall message.

Getting all the words to work together is crucial in influencing the reader’s decision to bounce or buy.

To produce high-converting copy, writers need to create several variations of their work, weighing the effectiveness of each variation and making revisions as necessary. People without experience writing copy often mistake the process as creativity-heavy — but a lot of it is actually just research and trial and error — which is why robots make amazing copywriters.

How do AI writers work?

AI writers study the thoughts and patterns behind effective copy to come up with copy that’s optimized and effective, but still human. Different products rely on different technologies, but the core of it all is in machine learning.

At its current state, AI is still in its infancy, so the results aren’t mind-blowingly spectacular, but many products do perform remarkably well. Sometimes, it’s actually hard to tell between human and AI writing.

Why use an AI writer?

Life is like a book.

It takes you on an adventure, but it won’t tell you the ending.

Lila, the gpt-3 powered philosopher bot

Computers were invented to simplify our lives. Since much of copywriting is about finding the word combinations with the highest conversion rates, it makes sense to rely on robots that actually know which words perform best.

AI writers unlock the following benefits:

  • Blazing efficiency in content creation — spend more time publishing and less time writing and editing
  • Perfect grammar
  • End writers’ block by grabbing inspiration from the best copy on the web
  • Eliminate trial and error from your workflow — know exactly what converts
  • Communicate with any audience by translating your content to multiple languages

At first glance, these benefits can seem too good to be true, but you can say that about most breakthrough innovations. So, instead of telling you what to expect from an AI writer, we’ll show you.

Below, we look at the 13 best AI writers that you can use right now.

Top 13 AI Writers To Change Your Content Strategy Forever

1. Jasper

Best for: Anyone interested in scaling through digital marketing — agencies, marketing teams, startups, freelancers, and even YouTubers.

Jasper is currently the biggest AI-powered copywriting tool out there. Over 10,000+ copywriters, entrepreneurs, and agencies use it to write high-converting copy every day.

With Jasper, you can build your copy from a single dashboard. Jasper is trained in 40+ copywriting skills — from age-old marketing concepts like AIDA to fresh skills like photo post captioning — and if the output’s ever too complicated, you can lower the grade level to dumb it all down.

All of this is possible because the AI copywriting engine that Jasper uses is based on the GPT-3 algorithm, developed by OpenAI, which can write copy that’s both effective and original. A cool thing about is that the team is backed by Y Combinator, a startup accelerator responsible for making some of the biggest companies happen, including Reddit, Airbnb, and Stripe, which is why has seen such tremendous success.

All these things combined make Jasper a copywriting powerhouse and a must-have tool for any entrepreneur, writer, or agency looking to save precious time and money.


  • Free trial
  • $29/mo – Starter plan
  •  $59/mo – Boss plan
  • 5-day money back guarantee

2. Headlime

Best for: Marketing teams, agencies, and startups focused on web copy and SEO content creation

Headlime is one of the first tools in the artificial copywriting space, existing way before OpenAI’s GPT-3 model (which is considered to be the artificial copywriting gold standard) was a thing. It was built almost single-handedly by Danny Postma, and remains to be one of the best AI-writing tools out there.

Headlime offers a large selection of features for you to use with your subscription. Depending on your use case, you can use Headlime to write info-heavy blog posts, catchy headlines, seamless landing pages, and more — but where Headlime really shines is writing AI landing pages.

To see what Headlime can do for you, check out their website copy. Headlime wrote it all.


  • Free trial available
  • $59/mo – Individual plan
  • $399/mo+ – Business plan (varies based on needs)
  • 14-day money back guarantee

3. Writesonic

Best for: Copywriters, business owners, or anyone who does writing work and needs inspiration at the push of a button

Writesonic is the most popular AI-powered copywriting assistant on AppSumo. It’s an artificial copywriting software that focuses on helping you write the best copy you can — instead of hiring an expensive freelancer or wasting time doing it on your own instead of working on your business.

Using Writesonic, you can generate landing pages, Google and FB ads, listicles, product descriptions, and more. You can even use Writesonic to brainstorm ideas for your business. All you have to do is select from a variety of content types, describe your product or service, hit “Generate”, and clean it up.

Writesonic isn’t as powerful as the likes of or Headlime, but the value you’re getting from it is undeniably amazing — and it’s super easy to use. Normally, Writesonic charges a monthly recurring subscription fee, but right now they’re offering a lifetime deal at an absolute steal of a price on AppSumo.


  • Free trial available
  • $59Lifetime deal
  • $9.99/mo – Starter plan
  • $35.60/mo – Professional plan
  • $179.60/mo – Business plan
  • 7-day money back guarantee

For a limited time, you can own Writesonic permanently for only $59 on Appsumo.

4. NeuralText

Best for: Copywriters, bloggers, journalists, and freelance SEO consultants who want to boost content and performance

NeuralText is a GPT-3 powered AI writing assistant that empowers copywriters and SEOs to create better content. This specific was tool was created with a minimalist SEO mindset. The founders know the importance of SEO but also understand the clutter and complexity that most SEOs deal with. Because of this, NeuralText, being an SEO-focused AI writing assistant, was built with a minimal feature set.

Instead of giving users a harder time with another feature-bloated dashboard, the founders designed NeuralText using only the features that matter — and nothing else. Using NeuralText, you can generate marketing ideas, generate reader-relevant content, do keyword research, and even analyze your competitors’ organic search data.

Overall, NeuralText is a must-try for any content team, SEO, or copywriter. It’s a mini-SEMrush that also helps you write content. What more do we have to say?


  • Amazing freemium plan
  • $0/mo – Free Forver plan
  • $49/mo – Starter plan
  • $59Lifetime deal
  • $119/mo – Pro plan

For a limited time, you can buy a lifetime deal for NeuralText for only $59 on Appsumo.

5. 8Designers Ads Generator

Best for: Individuals that work in PPC, SMM, or own a small business and have a lot on their plate and need quick ad copy that’s proven and tested to perform well

8Designers is an ads generator made with the goal of helping advertisers make ads faster. While most other AI writers provide writing assistance in multiple fields of marketing, 8Designers is specialized towards digital advertising.

If you do pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), or manage your own business, 8Designers can save you hours upon hours racking your brain for ad copy ideas.

With 8Designers ads generator, you can use over 200 unique templates and headers in any of your campaigns. All of the ad templates are tested before being launched into the database — most of them part of top performing campaigns. See for yourself — try some of their templates by clicking on the link below.


For a limited time, you can get an 8Designers lifetime deal for only $14 on Appsumo.

6. SmartWriter

Best for: Sales professionals, recruiters, partnership managers, backlinking specialists, and anyone else who writes cold emails every day.

SmartWriter is an AI writer that specializes in creating personalized cold emails. If you work in sales, recruitment, or SEO as a backlinking specialist, then cold emailing probably takes up a huge chunk of your time. And while the key to successful cold emails is personalization — you can only vary your emails so much without getting burnt out.

SmartWriter guarantees that you only send emails that are proven and tested to get responses without wasting time on prospecting and research. The AI does it for you by prospecting and generating hundreds of personalized icebreakers within seconds. This way, you can land more meetings and score more backlinks — all without lifting a finger.

In addition to helping you write more and better emails, SmartWriter also lets you find and verify email addresses with 95% accuracy, generate blog posts, e-commerce product descriptions, and so much more.


For a limited time, you can buy a lifetime deal for SmartWriter for only $59 on Appsumo.

7. LeadScripts

Best for: Sales and marketing professionals with a lot on their plate and business owners without the time to write copy

LeadScripts is a fill-in-the-blank copywriting engine that helps you finish your funnels in minutes with less brain-freezes and ruts. Instead of wasting hours upon hours writing copy from scratch, you can tell LeadScripts about your product by filling in a few blanks and, within seconds, you get a perfectly polished piece of copy.

LeadScripts gives you access to 1000+ scripts including headlines, subheadings, openings, paragraphs, bulleted lists, survey questions, buttons, and so much more. The man responsible for creating LeadScripts is a marketing and advertising professional of 20+ years, so you can expect high-quality copywriting.


  • No free trial
  • $97Lifetime Deal
  • $97/mo – Platinum Monthly plan
  • $297/mo – Platinum Annual plan
  • 30-day money back guarantee

For a limited time, you can own LeadScripts permanently for only $97 on Appsumo.

8. CrawlQ AI Content Automation

Best for: B2B SaaS founders, marketers, and copywriters who need to craft highly engaging, in-depth content pieces in less time without compromising quality is a B2B Content Automation platform that helps you create high-quality content to engage your target audience using semantics and psychographics. It fast-tracks your content authority without you having to upskill in copywriting or SEO by using automated content creation.

What makes different is that it’s not simply an “AI writer”. While it does have a fantastic AI-powered copywriting feature, it also has rich and diverse functionalities that let you optimize web pages, research buyer personas, and so much more. The variety and quality of its features make it an amazing all-around tool for any digital marketer or business owner out there.


  • No free trial
  • $79Lifetime Deal
  • $79/mo – Basic plan
  • $366/mo – Advance plan
  • $741/mo – Pro plan
  • $1,199/mo – Premium plan
  • 60-day money back guarantee

For a limited time, you can own permanently for only $79 on Appsumo.

9. Rytr

Best for: Copywriters, marketers, advertisers that need something quick, cheap, simple, but effective

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you generate high-quality content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost. Using Rytr, all you have to do is type in a few words and it spits out some nice copy for you to work with.

Depending on your standards on copywriting, you can choose to refine Rytr’s output, but it often does very well without any help. Compared to a lot of AI-powered copywriters, Rytr performs amazingly, especially considering its price tag. Its user interface is also very easy on the eyes, which makes it the perfect tool for people that just want to get things done.


For a limited time, you can own Rytr permanently for only $79 on Appsumo.

10. Content Villain

Best for: Copywriters, business owners, and marketers who need inspiration for business ideas, ads, outbound sales emails, or other copy

Content Villain is your partner in crime for AI-generated content. What makes them unique is their bespoke models, focus on integration, and a product called Middleman.

Content Villain lets you use bespoke content models to create content based on your own specifications, giving your content a personal touch. The bespoke models are super helpful for people in niches with very specific terminologies and concepts, like food or SaaS, and it can even help you brainstorm marketing ideas for your business.

Other than that, Content Villain also gives you easy access to your systems — so if you use Zapier, Integromat, or anything of the sort, you’ll be able to send over your AI-generated content automatically and skip all the manual work.

Lastly, Content Villain has a product called Middleman, which ensures that you only get the best quality content. Since AI-powered content is still in its infancy, wild, nonsensical outputs are common. To prevent these from happening, Content Villain has introduced a human element into the loop — literally having someone validate (or invalidate) the AI’s outputs in real time before you see them. This way, you don’t waste time on nonsensical outputs.

Overall, Content Villain is a great option if you’re looking for something cheap but powerful. The candor, speed, communication, and innovation of the team, not to mention the quality of their product, are all remarkable. Definitely worth giving a try.


  • Free trial available
  • $69Lifetime Deal
  • $10/mo – Basic plan
  • $25/mo – Warrior plan
  • $50/mo – Power User plan
  • 14-day money back guarantee

For a limited time, you can own Content Villain permanently for only $69 on Appsumo.

11. Kriya AI

Best for: Salespeople, headhunters, influencers, or anyone doing outreach

Kriya AI is an AI writing assistant that helps you generate smart introductions and personalized messages to people that matter. Whether you’re writing emails, doing LinkedIn outreach, or initiating a partnership, Kriya AI can help you avoid getting left on read.

Like many innovative Ai-powered copywriting tools, Kriya AI uses only the latest language model available — GPT-3. Using machine learning, Kriya AI was trained using various data sources 2+ years, allowing it to generate truly personalized introductions. People who’ve switched to Kriya AI have seen a 600% increase in their email conversion rates.

While Kriya AI focuses on providing personalized messages for professionals in your market, it also specializes in finding those professionals — making it one of the best tools to have in your sales tech stack.


For a limited time, you can buy a lifetime deal for Kriya AI for only $49 on Appsumo.

12. ContentBot

Best for: Copywriters, content creators, founders, and anyone who uses WordPress to write content.

ContentBot is an AI writing assistant and the first AI content plugin in WordPress using OpenAI’s GPT-3 autoregressive language model. The product is powered by GPT-3 and is designed specifically to solve writer’s block, helping you find inspiration for blog topics, blog intros, ad copy, brand names, and more. Within seconds, you can generate entire pages of unique and original content.

What makes them unique from other AI writers is that they support all languages supported by Google Translate, which makes it a versatile tool in any language. And, while Google Translate might not provide flawless translation, it works well enough to start you off on a path to writing great copy that converts.


  • Free trial available
  • $29/mo – Premium plan
  • $79/mo – Premium PLUS plan
  • Discounted price for non-profit organizations

13. Smart Copy

Best for: Content teams, agencies, startups, and enterprises that need copywriting inspiration in a snap

Smart Copy is an AI writer that lets you write an unlimited amount of content. Because of OpenAI’s GPT-3 pricing model, products made using GPT-3 are often limited by unusual credit systems, limiting the user’s productivity. Smart Copy doesn’t do this in any of its paid plans and provides unlimited content creation without limitation.

You can use this tool to create taglines, landing page copy, google ads, investor emails, product descriptions, sales emails, and more. You can try it yourself using their amazing forever-free plan, which includes access to all templates and tools. No credit card required.

Smart Copy also has a handy Content Expander tool that can let you transform a single sentence into an entire paragraph. This is possible because of their proprietary machine learning layer which they’ve built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model.

Overall, Smart Copy is an amazing tool for content teams, agencies, startups, and enterprises. I highly recommend the freemium plan to any copywriters like me who write for a living but just need that extra bit of inspiration every once in a while!


  • $0/mo – Starter plan (amazing freemium plan!)
  • $49/mo – Growth plan (50% off if paid yearly)

Will AI writers make human copywriters obsolete?

That’s a tough question to answer. But with the current pace of AI innovation —  it’s highly possible. We just don’t know when it’ll happen. For all we know, the disruption of the copywriting industry by robots might happen this century. But because AI is still in its infancy, we can’t yet say for sure.

Much of the writing produced by AI in this age still suffers from uncanny valley, just like CGI. As humans, we tend to notice this uncanniness quite quickly, so we dismiss the outputs as robotic and unnatural. But with the current advances in natural language processing (NLP), AI writing could become the norm much sooner than we expect. You can think of right now as the “beta phase” of AI copywriting.

That said, the appeal of natural-sounding AI-powered copywriting is definitely strong with a large number of audiences, even today. And it shows. Thousands of forward-thinking business owners and marketers are flocking towards AI-powered copywriting solutions right now. They just make life so much simpler.

Now, while the future seems bleak for copywriters, it’s unlikely that AI will actually “replace” them. Instead, AI will probably augment copywriters — similar to how our smartphones have turned us into cyborgs and have augmented our ability to obtain and spread information.

So, if you’re a copywriter who’s scared that robots might take your job away — I wouldn’t worry just yet. You have at least a couple of decades before robots render you obsolete — so make those decades count!

This post was written by a human with zero interest in taking over the world.