How to stack URLs in a single request
How to Stack Multiple URLs in a Single Request

With Apipheny, you can stack multiple URLs/endpoints in a single request, letting keep each data group in its own sheet.

How to transfer saved API settings to another Google Sheet
How To Transfer Saved API Requests To a Different Google Sheet

With Apipheny, you can import and export your saved API settings so you and your team can reuse them throughout separate Google Sheets.

How to save API requests in Apipheny
How to Save Your API Requests in Apipheny

The Save feature saves you a ton of time by letting you re-run your saved API requests instead of manually inputting them every time you do your work.

AI-Powered Copywriting Tools - Use AI to Write & Enhance Your Copy
Top 13 AI Copywriting Tools (2021) for Startups, Agencies, etc.

Computers were invented to simplify our lives. Since much of copywriting is about finding the word combinations with the highest conversion rates, it makes sense to rely on robots that actually know which words perform best.

What is OAuth?
What is OAuth?

Open Authorization, or OAuth, is a way for us to give apps limited access to our user data without having to give away our password. Developers know OAuth as a standard that apps (like Facebook) can use to give client applications (like Canva) secure delegated access.

No-code Site Builders - Build websites from Google Sheets
4 No-Code Ways to Build a Website from Google Sheets (2021)

If you do e-commerce, real estate, or manage any kind of inventory, your business will probably benefit from a personal, styled website. Now, you can build one yourself without even learning how to code.

No-code app builders - build apps from Google Sheets
3 No-Code Ways to Create an App from Google Sheets (2021)

Whether you’re an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a good-willed individual who needs to test out an idea, no-code app builders will help make your vision come true — and all you have to do is come up with a plan.

An overview of Supermetrics - Products, cost, alternatives, and more
Supermetrics Overview (2021) – Cost, Features, Reviews, & More

In addition to giving you the ability to connect apps seamlessly with each other, Supermetrics also lets you automate your data transfers - allowing for faster and more powerful reporting. So should you use it? Is it worth your money?

Best APIs for crypto
Best Cryptocurrency APIs (2021) for Trading, Data Collection, etc.

A comprehensive list of the best cryptocurrency APIs – each one built for simplifying your crypto tasks, saving you time and most importantly money.

How to Reference Cell Values in your API request
How To Reference Cell Values In Your API Request

Referencing cell values in Apipheny is like pulling data from another cell. Sounds complicated? It probably does at first, but it’s actually very simple — like piecing together LEGO bricks.