What is Basic Aauthentication

Basic access authentication is a way for a user to provide a username and password or username and API key when making an API request.

When making an API request that requires basic authentication, one of the required components of the request is a header key and value that looks like this:

Authorization: Basic X
  • To the right of the colon is the header key: Authorization
  • To the left of the colon is the header value: Basic X

X should be replaced with the Base64 encoded version of the users credentials and it is the only value that needs to be replaced in this header.

How to Base64 Encode

The first step is to base64 encode your credentials (your username and password).

You can either base64 encode from command-line: https://www.serverlab.ca/tutorials/linux/administration-linux/how-to-base64-encode-and-decode-from-command-line/

Or you can use an online encoder such as this one, if you are okay with entering your credentials on a third-party website (at your own risk): https://www.base64encode.org/

If you use the online encoder, follow these steps:

  1. In the online encoder, enter your username and password or username and API key, separated by a colon (accountUsername:accountPassword or accountUsername:apiKey)
  2. Click ENCODE
  3. Copy the encoded value and go to the next step

Alternative base64 encoder: https://www.debugbear.com/basic-auth-header-generator

Entering your header into Apipheny

Now that you have the encoded value of your credentials, you can enter your basic auth header into Apipheny, so you can call the API in your Google Sheet.

  1. In Apipheny, where it says Headers, add a new row
  2. In the header Key, enter Authentication
  3. In the header Value, enter Basic, followed by a space, then paste your encoded credentials

Here’s what your header should look like:

Don’t forget to leave a space between Basic and your encoded credentials in the header value. There should be no other spaces in your headers.

Then just click the Run button at the bottom of Apipheny to call the API and confirm if your API request works successfully.

If you get an error, check your headers and confirm that you’ve encoded your credentials correctly.

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