What are API headers?

What Are API Request Headers? Explained With Examples

Some APIs are super simple and require no headers at all to use. But a lot of them do. Here, we explain what headers are using simple terms.

What is an API endpoint?

What is an API Endpoint? API Endpoint Meaning & Example

To effectively use an API, you have to be familiar with its endpoints. Here, we explain, in simple words, what those are and how to use them.

What Are API Parameters? REST API URL Parameters Explained

API parameters are a very basic API feature used in API calls. Here, we explain what they are using simple English.

What is an API key?

What’s an API Key? API Key & Value Meaning [Explained]

When dealing with APIs, you may encounter something called an API key. They’re sort of like passwords which let APIs confirm your identity. Once an API knows you’re legitimate, you can get through and use the API’s full set of features. Example of an API key: 1f9ba190-c513-471b-a573-b8d008bb52fe Usually, the API key is a single token...

What is an API URL Path?

What is an API URL Path? API URL Structure Explained

API URL Paths are the bread-and-butter of API-aided work. But what exactly are they?

What Is An API & How Do APIs Work?

Simply put, an API is an interface that helps software programs connect and communicate with one another.

What is OAuth? How OAuth Works [Explained]

Open Authorization, or OAuth, is a way for us to give apps limited access to our user data without having to give away our password. Developers know OAuth as a standard that apps (like Facebook) can use to give client applications (like Canva) secure delegated access.