Top 15 Free APIs for Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, & Data

Free APIs for testing

At Apipheny, we get a lot of customers asking us about APIs they can use for free.

A free API will help you do testing or create flexible and powerful apps in record time.

You’ll find tens of thousands of free APIs on the internet alone — all well-made and easily accessible to developers all over the world.

But with so many APIs to choose from, looking for one that fits your needs can be a daunting task.

So we combed the web with a simple goal in mind — to make a comprehensive list of the best free APIs.

Check them out below.

Top 15 Free APIs – No Key or Authentication Needed

Most APIs require access via API keys (similar to passwords) or other methods of authentication and authorization. Keys are a way to protect the provider from malicious users and help them manage their API better.

But for beginners still exploring APIs, keys tend to complicate things. Luckily, there’s APIs with zero authentication requirements.

An API without a key is perfect for beginners and web developers looking to access sample data sets for their apps without restrictions.

Here are a few of the best, unrestricted, free APIs for testing. They don’t require any keys, so you can test the sample URLs out on your browser if you want.

1. Public APIs

Get a list of any or all public APIs currently cataloged in the project.

Sample API URL:

2. Cat Facts

Get random cat facts via text message every day.

Sample API URL:

3. CoinDesk

View the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) in real-time.

Sample API URL:

4. Bored

Bored is a free API to find something to do by getting suggestions for random activities.

Sample API URL:


Predict the age of a person based on their name.

Sample API URL:


Predict the gender of a person based on their name.

Sample API URL:


Predict the nationality of a person based on their name.

Sample API URL:

8. Data USA

Get US public data (e.g., population data, etc.).

Sample API URL:

9. Dogs

Cheer yourself up with random dog images.

Sample API URL:

10. IPify

IPify is a free API that allows you to get your current IP address.

Sample API URL:

11. IPinfo

Get information about a specified IP address, such as geological info, company, and carrier name.

Sample API URL:

12. Jokes

Get random jokes. You can also get jokes according to type (e.g., programming jokes only).

Sample API URL:

13. RandomUser

Get information about a random fake user, including gender, name, email, address, etc.

Sample API URL:

14. Universities List

Get a list of universities in a specified country.

Sample API URL:

15.  Zippopotam

Get information about a specified ZIP code.

Sample API URL:

Top 15 Free Entertainment APIs

1. Imgur

Imgur has a free API that you can use to do anything you can do on

2. YouTube to MP4

An easy-to-grasp API that lets you input a YouTube video URL and fetch its source location.

3. Yoda Translator

Convert English into Yoda speak.

4. IMDB – Internet Movie Database (Unofficial)

Fetch film data and search results from IMDB’s film database.

5. Movie Database (IMDB Alternative)

Access information, pictures, and more from a movie database — a decent alternative to IMDB.

6. Hearthstone

You can use the Hearthstone API for free to pull up-to-date data directly from Hearthstone.

7. Meme Generator

Choose a pre-loaded image, input top and bottom text, and enjoy your freshly generated meme.

8. Tic Tac Toe

Get Tic Tac Toe (AKA Noughts and Crosses) move suggestions.

9. Chart Lyrics

Get and add lyrics, or search for lyric information.

10. Text Similarity Calculator

Calculate the similarity between two texts in percentage through approximate string matching.

11. Robohash Image Generator

Generate a random and cool-looking robot image for your text.

12. Mirror-AI

Get AI-personalized avatars, emojis, and sticker packs by uploading photos.

13. Love Calculator

Find out the love compatibility of you and your partner based on your names.

14. SimSimi Conversation

Create a chatbot in 5 minutes.

15. Daily Comicstrips

Get links to the most popular comic strips — Garfield, Dilbert, Peanuts, and more.

Top 15 Free Sports APIs


This free API allows you to get basketball data on major and minor competitions such as live score, standings, teams, odds, etc.


Get all NBA stats data including games, live score, players, seasons, leagues, etc.


Get data for over 630 football leagues & cups — Livescore (15s), pre-match odds, events, etc.


Get all data about Formula 1, including circuits, teams, drivers, rankings.

5. TheRundown

Get real-time odds, scores, stats, and insights into the sports betting marketplace.

6. Football Prediction

Get predictions for upcoming football matches, average bookie odds, results for past matches, and prediction performance statistics for past results.

7. MLB Data

Get baseball MLB data about players, teams, reports, and other stats.

8. Football Betting Tips

Get daily betting tips and a collection of the best bets for free.

9. FIFA World Cup

Get FIFA World Cup API data for free, including teams, rounds, and matches in JSON format.

10. Horse Racing

Get horse racing data for UK & Ireland races, including race name, distance, going, age, runners, etc.

11. Fitness Calculator

Calculate important values such as ideal weight and body fat percentage, or prepare macronutrient diets.

12. Tennis Odds

Get tennis odds from over 50 bookmakers, updated every 3 – 8 minutes.

13. 3 Card Poker Odds

Calculate player winning possibility in Teen Patti (an Indian variant of poker) based on opened cards.

14. Data

Get player statistics, game reports, game schedule, team standings, and team statistics for top hockey leagues and tournaments like NHL, IIHF World Championships, and Olympic Games.

15. MMA/UFC News

Get the latest news in the UFC and MMA world, updated every hour in an easy to access JSON format.

Top 15 Free API for Travel

1. Hotels

Query rooms, price, facilities, policies, etc. information from many hotels around the world as on the official site.

2. Flight Data

Get travel insights for your site or blog, flight price trends, and find popular destinations for your customers.

3. TrailAPI

Get information and photos for tens of thousands of outdoor recreation locations including hiking and mountain biking trails, campgrounds, ski resorts, ATV trails, and more.

4. Great Circle Mapper

Calculate the air distance and flight time between all airports worldwide.

5. IATA and ICAO Codes

Get access to rich up-to-date airline datasets with this free API

6. Railway Trains – India

Look up Indian Railway Trains by train name or number


Get real-time, short-term, rental data from Airbnb.

8. Best Hotel

Fetch the best hotel in town.

9. Gas Price

Reach gasoline and diesel prices in different fuel stations in different cities.

10. Indian Railway PNR Status

Get Indian Railway PNR details in JSON format.

11. BART

Get access to all the BART service and station data available on the BART website.

12. Multimodal Trip Planner

Get routing and turn-by-turn directions for driving, cycling, walking, or multimodal public transportation.

13. Indonesian Train Schedule – Jadwal Kereta

Get train schedules for up to 5 Indonesian train origin-destinations.

14. Sentiment Analysis 2.0 for Hotel Reviews

Get 90% – 95% accurate sentiment analysis data for hotel reviews, including client loyalty, hotel opinions, location opinions, etc.

15. BikeTheT

Find out if you can take your bike on the MBTA.

Top 15 Free Data APIs

1. Crunchbase

Build powerful applications and integrate Crunchbase into your web and mobile applications.

2. Web Search

Get a list of relevant results from a search query that includes images, news, and related searches.

3. GeoDB Cities

Get basic info about cities, counties, regions, and countries throughout the world.

4. Get Video and Audio URL

Get direct links to download video or audio files from almost any hosting website, like Vimeo, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc.

5. Weather

Get access to current weather data or historical weather data with this free API for weather.

6. Whois Lookup

Get up-to-minute results by pulling records from origin Whois servers in real-time.

7. WordsAPI

Get information about English words, including definitions, synonyms, rhymes, pronunciation, syllables, and frequency of usage, or find out about the relationships between words.

8. URL Intelligence

Extract links and info from a given URL.

9. URL Shortener Service

Create a short new URL from a long URL

10. IP Geolocation –

Filter out bot traffic, customize content based on visitor’s location, display full country names, perform bulk IP geolocation, and more.

11. COVID-19 Data

Get live information on COVID-19 from reliable sources like Johns Hopkins CSSE, CDC, WHO, and others.


Get random quotes in various languages from best-rated quotes from

13. Company Name Match

Identify redundant or duplicate customer information within a database or CRM system as a basis for matching records when combining multiple data sources, or as a searching mechanism to find “similar” results of company names using the similarity keys as the basis for a match.

14. Mashvisor

Access all the endpoints you need to build your application on top of Mashvisor Inc.

15. Rent Estimate 

Get accurate and current estimated rent for a property, based on millions of records in Realty Mole’s real estate property database.

Top 15 Free Finance APIs

1. Bloomberg Market and Financial News

Query all information about indices, commodities, currencies, futures, rates, bonds, etc. as on the official Bloomberg website.

2. Alpha Vantage

Get real-time and historical data on stocks, forex (FX), and cryptocurrencies/digital currencies.

3. BraveNewCoin

Get the latest details for an asset refreshed every 5 minutes with the global USD spot price, 24-hour volume, and supply, or end-of-day open, high, low, close prices and volumes (OHLCV) for market-weighted averages (MWA) or global weighted averages (GWA).

4. Morningstar

The Morningstar free API allows you to query common stock fundamentals and other data from the Morningstar website transformed into a convenient JSON format.

5. Currency Converter

Convert one currency to another, with support for 148 currencies worldwide based on the data provided by Central Banks.

6. Stock and Options Trading Data Provider

Get real-time Options and Stock data for United States-listed options in easy to consume JSON format.

7. Yahoo Finance

Query all information about finance summary, stocks, quotes, movers, etc. as on the official Yahoo Finance website.

8. Currency

Get accurate and reliable currency exchange rates for over 150 currencies.

9. Option Chain

Get option chain and stock data in easy to consume JSON format.

10. Financial Modeling Prep

Get all companies’ financial reports, company stock prices in real-time.

11. Latest Mutual Fund NAV

Get the latest NAV information of all mutual funds in India from the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI).

12. Breaking News

This free breaking news API allows you to get news from across the globe and information on the latest breaking business and financial news.

13. Gold Price – Live

Get the current latest price of gold and silver in US dollars per ounce.

14. Mortgage Payments

Calculate monthly mortgage payments, including principal and interest, taxes, homeowners insurance, and mortgage insurance.

15. Global Ethereum Price Index – GEX

Get GEX data for 165+ currencies dating back to 2010 in easy to consume JSON format.

How to use Free APIs

The easiest way to manage and execute the APIs listed above is to use Postman. It’s a popular API client where you can quickly and easily create, test, and document APIs.

If you regularly work with Google Sheets and want to streamline your workflow, you can also use Apipheny. It’s a universal API integrator that can connect thousands of APIs to Google Sheets in just a few clicks — no scripts, no coding.

To learn more about integrating APIs with Google Sheets, check out this short, 3-minute video by Apipheny CEO & Co-Founder, Meelad.

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Frequently asked questions about Free APIs.

What are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

A free API is a type of interface that allows one (or multiple) software to communicate with another.

Similar to how a User Interface (UI) allows a user to communicate with software (man-to-machine), an API allows software to communicate with other software (machine-to-machine).

Is an API free to use?

Many APIs are free to use, like the ones above. These are called Free APIs (which are different from Freemium APIs). But not all APIs are free. Depending on the importance of the data or functionality given access to by an API, it will be limited in several ways. It might be exclusive to an organization (Internal APIs) or a partnership (Partner APIs), or it might be locked behind a paywall.

What is a Free API?

Free APIs are APIs exposed to the public at no cost. Developers can use them for whatever projects they like without having to pay a fee. They are sometimes called Open APIs or Public APIs.

What are Freemium APIs?

Unlike Free APIs which allow you to use them at zero cost, Freemium APIs limit your use up to a certain point. A Freemium API might let you request data 50 times per day, then charge you for any additional requests.

There are many ways a Freemium API can limit your access, such as only allowing you “x” number of requests per day or restricting certain types of data from you. You can gain more access by subscribing to the provider’s API service.

How can I get a free API?

If an API is free, it will be immediately available on the provider’s website. All you must do is search the provider’s name followed by “API” (e.g., “Twitter API”). The provider will likely have a dedicated set of pages on their website which talks about their API.

These dedicated pages are typically located under a “developer” subdomain (e.g., and will include detailed documentation to help you get started with their API.

Some APIs will require you to register to the provider’s service, after which you will receive a Key & Secret or OAuth (similar to a Username & Password) to gain access. Some, however, are completely open.

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