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One of the Apipheny add-on’s main features is importing data from the API of virtually any data source. This allows you to get data from almost anywhere, which is what makes Apipheny unique.

This is done using an HTTP method called GET. Many applications use this same method to get data from other applications — like when news sites feature actual tweets or Instagram posts on-page.

In Apipheny, we can use this method to GET data from APIs as well, and this will likely be the feature you’ll use the most.

Below, we’ll show you just how quick and easy it is to use Apipheny for making a GET request in Google Sheets.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to get you started:

To make a GET request, make sure your method is set to GET in the Method dropdown at the top of the Apipheny add-on.

After choosing the GET method, input your desired API URL and endpoint into the API URL Path field.

Stacking multiple URLs will let you GET data from several URLs or endpoints in sequence.

If your request contains or requires headers, such as a key and secret, input them in the Headers fields. You may add as many header rows as you need.

Every time you make a GET request, Apipheny overwrites any data on the open sheet. You can prevent this by toggling on Append Mode.

Toggling Append Mode on makes Apipheny add new data underneath the previous data set instead of overwriting it, which can be very helpful if you for example need to keep a record of all historical data that’s been imported.

Once you’ve finalized the details of your request, click Run to process your GET request.

Apipheny will then run your request, and after a few seconds you should see your data imported right in your spreadsheet, like so:

Congratulations, you know now how to make a GET request in Google Sheets using Apipheny.

If you want to follow some more examples, check out our API tutorials and our Free APIs List.

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