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Many people don’t expect it to become so hard to manage the data on their websites. To keep things clean and organized, one usually has to mess around with SSL, web server configuration, JavaScript, HTML, and loads of other things.

But if you’re busy with your actual business, do you really have the time to figure all that out? Probably not.

Fortunately, people have created ways for you to build and manage your own website without all the complicated backend — and all you need is Google Sheets.

If you do e-commerce, real estate, or manage any kind of inventory, your business will probably benefit from a personal, styled website. Now, you can build one yourself without even learning how to code.

If that sounds good to you, we highly recommend checking out the products below.

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SpreadSimple turns your spreadsheet into a styled website with a variety of customizable features. Using SpreadSimple, you can not only build but also manage your website from Google Sheets. If you use Google Sheets anyway, perhaps to manage your inventory or organize your content, SpreadSimple can help you turn your spreadsheet into a full-fledged website. No coding needed.

If you run an online business, you can use SpreadSimple to create a sleek, modern storefront from Google Sheets and directly manage the content just by editing your spreadsheet. You can add customizable features, integrations, SEO, webhooks, cart & checkout, and order forms to transform your website into a full online store. That’s just one of many use cases.

SpreadSimple offers templates as well, which you can use for free. Their templates are modern as well as feature-rich, which gives your website not only an aesthetic edge, but also a ton of versatility.

Pricing: there is a free plan and the paid plan starts at $13/month


Softr is a powerful software development tool that allows you to build business applications quickly and efficiently, without the need for developers. With Softr, you can transform your Airtable or Google Sheets into modern business tools, such as client portals, project management tools, CRMs, and more.

It provides pre-built functional blocks like Lists, Charts, Forms, Tables, Calendar, and Maps, enabling you to create customized apps through drag and drop functionality. Softr integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, and Mailchimp, and offers granular permissions and access levels for secure data storage.


Noloco has been one of our favorite platforms to use. It allows you to instantly create customer portals, partner portals, and internal tools from Google Sheets and Airtable.

  • Client Portal: Give your customers access to the data they need and control exactly what they are able to see and edit. Centralize client communication, file-sharing, and billing.
  • Partner Portals: Create a fully branded partner portal and define exactly what data your partners can access. Personalize the experience with custom views.
  • Internal Tools: Streamline operations by building a custom app for your existing processes. Easily navigate customer data and build simple workflows that automate manual tasks. Define user roles and keep control over who has access to which data.

Connecting Google Sheets to Noloco is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Pricing: starts at $55/month


Sheet2Site lets you build your own fully functional website with pictures, text, filters and links without writing code — using only Google Sheets. And if you already have a website, you can use Sheet2Site to embed your spreadsheet data and present it in a visual way.

The use cases of Sheet2Site are endless. You can create job boards, employee directories, custom tools, dynamic pricing lists, marketplaces — and, really, anything you want.

Plus, if you’re more familiar with the business side of things rather than design, Sheet2Site offers multiple templates on their website, which you can use at no extra cost. There are several template styles for each type of use case —  carefully designed and optimized to fit the industry you’re in.

Pricing: starts at $29/month


Sheetsu lets you create and manage your own website without writing any code using your Google spreadsheet as a database. Using Sheetsu’s integration with, you can create your own website by merely dragging and dropping individual elements using a visual editor — like putting together LEGO bricks.

If you’ve never programmed so much as a “hello world” in your life and don’t plan to in the near future – Sheetsu is an incredibly powerful shortcut to creating and managing your own website.

It even has uses for experienced web developers. So if you need a rapid prototype or have tons of clients lined up, Sheetsu can be a quick solution. Fast and easy to implement. No hosting needed.

Pricing: there is a free plan and the paid plan starts at $33/month


Siteoly is a powerful no-code website builder for Google Sheets that lets you build data-rich websites without writing code.

Compared to other site builders, Siteoly puts a little more focus into the design side of things, starting you off with more than 50 ways to display your data as well as 20+ templates to start with.. And with just a single Google Sheet, you gain access to more than 100 variations of your website, among which you can choose freely.

Because of this emphasis on design, Siteoly saves not only your developer’s time, but your designer’s time as well. And for a startup founder with zero experience in either field, Siteoly’s capabilities are all they need to get started.

Pricing: there is a free plan and the paid plan starts at $10/month

Should you use a no-code website builder?

If you have an idea for a website that you want to test out, you should definitely consider a no-code website builder.

No-code solutions are amazing because they empower those with great ideas to transform their visions into reality. People no longer have to burn long hours into studying how to code, just to see if something works. Now, all you need is a plan and a few bucks to make your idea come to life.

But that isn’t to say that no-code solutions like the ones above are silver bullets that make web developers obsolete — far from it. Skilled developers can build websites that are far more powerful than anything the above solutions can put together.

No-code solutions like the ones above are made to empower you to get started — to let you see how your idea works in a real setting. But how you scale your idea up and make something outrageously viral — is completely up to you.

Build your site. Let the data update itself.

If you’re building a website using Google Sheets as a database, then you should know how easy it is to automate your data transfers.

We’ve developed Apipheny for that exact purpose — freeing up your time by ridding you of manual copy-pasting and data importing.

This way, your Google Sheets database is always up to date.

Introducing Apipheny, a Google Sheets add-on that lets you import data directly into Google Sheets — and save up to an hour of your workday.

It lets you connect virtually any API to Google Sheets — in just a matter of seconds.

This means you can now import data directly from your favorite data sources — and finally stop switching between tabs with your fingers stuck on Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Apipheny lets you do the following things:

  • Skip the scripting & coding part of APIs.
  • Retrieve and send data from your favorite data sources easily, using the GET and POST request features.
  • Access virtually any REST API, whether it’s JSON or CSV.
  • Get the data you need in a nice, clean, list on your spreadsheet with the JSON converter.
  • Save time by automating your API calls with the Save and Schedule features.

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