Manual data collection is a daily task for businesses and, unfortunately, can be somewhat demanding and overwhelming.

Marketers seek more flexibility with their marketing data, and it’s no surprise that digital organizations are willing to pay heavy premiums for automated data collection.

Power My Analytics – a reporting automation tool – eases data collection for marketers. But does it really work? We’ll find it in the review below. 

What is Power My Analytics? 

Power My Analytics is a reporting automation tool that allows digital businesses to collect data from popular social media, advertising, email, shopping, CRM, and other platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and more). 

Later, marketers can integrate the metrics they need into their preferred data collection destinations, including Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Google BigQuery. 

Morgan Jones, the CEO of Power My Testing, says, “Although Google has some native connectors for Data Studio and Google Sheets, they do not play nice with third-party connectors when it comes to data blending.” 

He further adds, “Now that PMA (Power My Analytics) has these connectors, marketers can take their Google data anywhere: Data Studio, Excel, Sheets, BigQuery, and their own database.” 

The software enables digital marketers to test data connectors for Google and 35+ other marketing-related platforms. 

Power My Analytics Features

Manual data collection is undoubtedly a daunting task, and that’s exactly where software like Power My Analytics (PMA) comes in handy. 

Below, we’ll discuss the features of this tool in detail. 

Data Studio Reports and Dashboard

Data Studio connectors offer a range of customizable templates to design quick HD dashboards. 

It also enables you to cut and paste metrics into your reports. Further, the PMA hub automates data collection for you. As such, your reports remain up-to-date and load faster, and you won’t need to build them from scratch. 

It will not only save you time and money but also add value to your marketing reports.

This feature also allows marketers to backfill their historical data. 

Automated Marketing Reports 

While previously, you had to collect data by logging in to multiple platforms, curating all the information, and spending time organizing it, with PMA, you no longer have to do that anymore. 

Automated data collection saves your time and money simultaneously. You can avoid the frustration of logging into multiple platforms and the cost of custom development.

With this feature, you can impress your boss or clients with captivating and detailed reports. 

Hub Features 

If you’ve been paying for expensive reporting suites previously, you need to stop right away. With Power My Analytics, you are the boss of your data. 

You can connect your data with a plethora of features, including report outage protection, historical data, and detailed PMA-Pro Metrics. 

Connect Data Sources to Data Integration Hub 

The Power My Analytics Hub can integrate Google Data Studio with metrics you want from any popular data sources platform. 

All you need to do is select the platforms you desire to use and log in once (to authenticate your accounts). 

Once you’ve logged in, you won’t need to go through the trouble of signing in over and over again. 

Ad Campaigns 

With Power My Analytics, you can get to know which ad campaigns are performing best. You can report customers, deals, MQL, SQLs, and deal revenue via keywords, sources, and campaigns to adjust your advertising. 

Other Features 

Here are a few other features that this software offers: 

  • Data Extraction
  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Data import/export
  • Data Quality control 
  • Scheduled reports
  • Sales reports
  • Forecasting
  • Match and Merge
  • Multiple Data Sources 
  • Reporting/Analytics 

Power My Analytics Plans

Before we dive into the paid plans, here’s the good news: Power My Analytics offers a 14-day free trial for you to test it thoroughly. Later, if you like the platform and find it your trusty sidekick for digital marketing, you can go for one or the other plans. 

For growing businesses, Power My Analytics offers the following priced plans


The business plan includes three accounts and ten business locations per data source. In addition, it allows you to include two team members and costs around $29.95 monthly. 

The plan also offers unlimited data reports and backfills. You can contact the company at any time (via email or phone call) for additional support. 

Here’s what complimentary services might cost. 

  • Extra accounts: +$8.35
  • Extra Locations: +$0.85
  • Extra team members: +$4.95
  • Spreadsheets: +$49.95

The import destinations in the Business Plan include Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. 


The pro version includes up to 20 accounts and 100 business locations per data source. You can add up to three team members, and it costs around $74.95 monthly. 

The pro version offers an unlimited number of reports, backfills, and data sources. You can connect with customer support any time through email or a phone call. Here’s what additional services might cost.

  • Extra accounts: +$6.25
  • Extra Locations: +$0.65
  • Extra team members: +$4.95
  • Spreadsheets: $49.95

The import destinations of the Pro Plan include Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. 


The agency plan includes around 100 accounts and up to 1,000 business locations per data source. 

Also, it allows you to add unlimited team members and gives spreadsheets and API access at $224.95 monthly. You can contact customer support for assistance any time via phone call or email. 

What’s more, it includes an unlimited number of reports, backfills, data sources, and team members. The following complimentary features may cost you an additional fee.

  • Extra accounts: +$2.25
  • Extra locations: +$0.45 

The import destinations of the Agency version include Google Analytics, Google Data Studio. Google Sheets, API, and Microsoft Excel. 


The enterprise version offers the following report destinations

If you want to go for the enterprise version, know that it offers customer support on a priority basis. As far as the pricing is concerned, the website doesn’t specify the details for this version. 

Nonetheless, you can contact customer support any time to know about the price. 

Alternative for Small Businesses

Small businesses typically have fewer employees and less annual revenue. Therefore, subscribing to a hefty premium might not suit you best as a small business owner. 

But guess what? Power My Analytics takes the needs of your business into account. 

The software offers an alternative to upgrading your digital marketing experiences if you run a small business (starting with one or two data sources).  

So, instead of purchasing a whole plan, you can go for services that you currently need to upscale your business and eventually grow it. 

Accounts: This version allows you to purchase connectors individually and costs up to $9.95 per account. 

Team Members: You can add team members at $4.95 per user. 

Business Locations: Increasing your business locations will cost you as low as $0.95 per location. 

Spreadsheets: You can import data into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets at $49.95. 

So, if you can’t go for a complete version, you can save your money by opting for the desired service. 

Is Power My Analytics Legit?

Whether you run a small business or a large one, investing somewhere would cause you a few bucks, and Power My Analytics is no exception. 

Many digital marketers show interest in this software, and for good reasons. The software offers a range of incredible features to speed up data collection and please the clients simultaneously. 

As such, the cause of concern is natural, “Is Power My Analytics legit or a scam?”

Fortunately, the software is authentic, and many digital marketers utilize this platform to ease data extraction. 

If you are skeptical, you can go for a free trial as a beginner and eventually choose a pro version. 

Further, you can check out reviews of satisfied customers to get an idea about the legitimacy of Power My Analytics. 

Little to no customers report issues about the website. In fact, most customers are pretty satisfied with the features of the tool. 

Power My Analytics Pros

  • Easy to Sign-up: The sign-up is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is visit the Power My Analytics website and sign up to create a free account. Then, you can choose a free trial for a test or go for a premium version (as per your preferences).
  • Quick Response: No matter your plan, you can always contact customer support for help. If you think you cannot explain your query in an email, you can contact customer support over a phone call. 
  • Convenient Data Management: It allows you to manage all your data sources and integrate key points into insightful dashboards and reports. Further, it gives you space to invite your teammates to collaborate and connect with client sources. As such, it saves your time and money. 
  • Flexible Pricing Plan: The software offers a range of pricing plans, and you can go for the one you think will work best for your business. The higher the price, the more the features. Nonetheless, if you have a small business, you can opt for individual services and pay accordingly. 
  • Offers multiple connections: Unlike its competitors, Power My Analytics offers multiple connections. You can import your data and generate the report you want without hassle. 
  • Pre-built dashboards: Pre-built dashboards allow you to add and edit metrics with ease. Also, they provide valuable information and make data visualization simple for you.  

Power My Analytics Cons

  • Doesn’t include Facebook groups: Facebook groups are undeniably a massive part of marketing strategy. It won’t be wrong to say that most successful digital marketers today utilize the platform to get the most out of their annual revenue. Nonetheless, Power My Analytics doesn’t currently include Facebook groups for data collection. 
  • Limited documentation: The website includes minimal tutorials (video/audio) and documentation to explain the nitty-gritty of the software. 
  • Can include more connectors: Though the software offers plenty of connectors, there’s always room for more. Marketers seek more data connectors, including individual LinkedIn insights. 
  • Supports limited platforms: The software is only available for use on the web. Android and iPhone/iPad users cannot access it. 

Power My Analytics Alternatives

If you’re curious about PMA alternatives, check out our alternatives article to see all the options. Below we’ve listed 2 of the most popular alternatives:


Supermetrics is a popular Power My Analytics alternative (and vice versa!). Many users decide to switch from Supermetrics to PMA because of pricing. Conversely, some users decide to switch from PMA to Supermetrics because Supermetrics offers more features.

Supermetrics has more data connectors available to choose from, but their pricing is also much more expensive.

Both Supermetrics and Power My Analytics offer a free trial for those who would like to try both options before deciding. Some users also use both Supermetrics and Power My Analytics in conjunction with each other!


Apipheny is a Google Sheets add-on that we developed as a complimentary tool to Supermetrics and PMA. The difference between Apipheny and PMA is that it allows for so much more control and customizability.

While PMA and Supermetrics’ collection of data connectors is impressive and is usually enough for most businesses, it doesn’t allow for much freedom — some people just need more data sources to work with.

If those data sources aren’t popular enough for Supermetrics, they don’t integrate into their app.

Apipheny solves this problem by letting users create unlimited custom data source connections.

Who is Power My Analytics for?

Perhaps you can never do enough to upscale your digital marketing. However, with growing trends in technology and software, the competition is getting fierce with time. 

Your business growth is directly proportional to how quickly you get things done. Gone are the days when manual data collection worked. With so much going on during marketing, you need a better, faster way to collect data and satisfy your clients. 

Power My Analytics is for all the digital marketers out there who want to accelerate their business and improve client satisfaction and retention. 

The platform saves your time, money and adds convenience to your work. What’s more, you get a chance to impress your clients with customized and compelling dashboards. 

Overall, this platform is utilized by: 

  • Small businesses 
  • Freelancers
  • Mid size businesses 
  • Large enterprises 

Who is Power My Analytics Not for?

Power My Analytics is not for you if you’re just starting your digital marketing journey with minimum resources. 

Though the software offers flexible pricing plans, it’s better to establish your business a little before going for the premium versions on such platforms. 

Also, as a beginner, you won’t have special, detailed data to extract anyway. So, you can ignore purchasing any plan as a newbie.  

Final Verdict 

Digital marketing comes with many challenges: managing cash flow, getting to know about your customers, making websites accessible, generating qualified leads, and whatnot. 

Data collection is yet another daunting task that needs to be performed regularly. Nonetheless, digital marketing tools today make it easy for businesses to level up their marketing strategies through several tools and platforms. 

Power My Analytics is a digital marketing platform that allows businesses to extract data from popular platforms and integrate the metrics into their desired data collection destinations. 

This tool will allow you to collect complex and time-consuming data in a matter of minutes.