The Apipheny add-on lets you save your API requests for future use directly in your Google Sheet.

Depending on the scale of your data operations, you could have anywhere from just one to dozens of different saved requests. You can schedule each of these requests, but you might also need to get a real-time view of all your data on a whim.

That’s where the Run All Requests button comes in — clicking it once instantly triggers all of your saved requests.

Here’s a quick video tutorial so you can see it in action:

You’ll find the Run All Requests button in the navigation menu by clicking Add-ons > Apipheny – API Tool > Run All Requests.

You will also find a Run All Requests button in the Manage tab, which you can navigate to by clicking Add-ons > Apipheny – API Tool > Saved APIs.

You can see both options in this screenshot below:

In the Manage tab in Apipheny, you’ll see a complete list of all your saved requests as well as the Run All Requests button, right underneath the list.

Press the Run All Requests button once to trigger all your saved requests. Once you press it, each request will run consecutively until finished.

Small warning, though — before you press the button, remember to check each saved request and make sure you’ve designated a unique Sheet Name for each one.

The Sheet Name determines which sheet your data will import into.

If you have more than 1 request with the same Sheet Name, only 1 request’s data will import successfully.

You can prevent this from happening by choosing a different Sheet Name for each saved request, or by turning on Append Mode in your saved request’s settings.

Once you press the Run All Requests button, it’ll take some time to run each request.

When the process is completed, you should see a green check mark, which means all of your requests were completed successfully. If there’s an error, you will see a red X mark and you will need to troubleshoot the issue with your saved request(s).

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