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Supermetrics Alternatives

Supermetrics has tried to solve the issue of reporting on marketing campaigns, but sometimes you wonder – Does a free Supermetrics alternative exist?

No doubt Supermetrics is a fair cost if you’re a larger agency, but if you’re just running a couple of accounts or an individual user, it’s a big cost. However, it is possible to create your marketing reports for a fraction of the cost. 

Before we tell you about some alternatives to Supermetrics, let’s discuss what Supermetrics is, what their features are and actual cost of their product.


What is Supermetrics?


 Supermetrics is a Google Sheets add-on that turns your spreadsheet into a business reporting system for web analytics, social media and online marketing. Supermetrics also has a product line for Excel and Google Data Studio for reporting. With these different product lines, there are different features.

What features does Supermetrics have?

The Google Sheets add-on provides integrations for multiple platforms, sets reports to refresh automatically, and allows you to schedule automatic emailing as PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML. This can make reporting easier, but the cost can be out of reach for some.

How much does Supermetrics cost?

Supermetrics starts at $99/month. Supermetrics for Google Sheets does have a free version, but the free version only allows you to connect to Google Analytics.

But the free Supermetrics version is not really worth using because Google Analytics already has its own add-on for Google Sheets that you can use. Another problem with Supermetrics price is that if you only want to use one of their features, instead of all of them, you still have to pay the full price.

For example, if you only want to use Supermetrics custom JSON/CSV connector, you still have to pay the full $99/month because all the features are bundled together.


Free Supermetrics Alternative


There’s unfortunately not a completely free tool that works exactly like Supermetrics. If you want something free, you’ll have to code it yourself using Google Apps Script.

The good news though is that there are cheaper alternatives, which we’ll go into next.


5 Affordable Supermetrics Alternatives

Here are 5 affordable Supermetrics alternatives to take a look at.

1.) Apipheny


Apipheny is a Google Sheets add-on that makes it easy to use any JSON or CSV API in Google Sheets. If you’re manually exporting a CSV or Excel (XLS, XLSX) file from any software platform and pasting the data into Google Sheets, then you can automate that process by connecting your software platform’s API with Google Sheets.


This does make reporting easier, but as of now, there are no dashboard templates for data sources. You can also use the charts, graphs, and tables that are easily accessible in Google Sheets.


What also sets Apipheny apart from other free Supermetrics alternatives is the price. Supermetrics also has a custom JSON/CSV API connector but it’s bundled in with all of other Supermetrics features. So if you only want to use their JSON/CSV connector, you have to pay for the whole package.


When you install Apipheny, you’ll get a free 30 day trial that has all the same features the paid version has. Once the 30 days expire, you’ll have the option to upgrade to an affordable annual or monthly subscription plan. The annual plan comes out to $19/month/user and the monthly plan comes out to $29/month/user. If you are a teacher or student or if price/cost is an issue to you, just email Apipheny with your school email address and they’ll let you use it for free.

2.) KPI Bees


KPI Bees is a Supermetrics alternative that allows you to connect to Google Analytics, a few social media platforms, Search Console, an API using JSON, and databases.
One of the upsides of KPIbees is that it has some templates for some of their connectors, saving you time in Google Sheets creating charts and graphs.


Even though KPIbees has preset templates to help with marketing reports the functionality has been a problem for some users. There have been multiple reports from users that have had trouble connecting their data or creating the dashboard in their beta product.


At the moment, all their features are free, but once they move out of beta, their free pricing tier is limited. The free plan includes Google Analytics, but as previously stated, Google Analytics already has their own Google Sheet add-on. Their full version costs $34.99 a month and includes all integrations.

3.) Ad Stage

Ad Stage
Ad Stage

Ad Stage allows you to report on advertising campaigns in Google Sheets. With their speciality being paid advertising, they have a feature that will allow you to set campaign monitoring & optimization rules. 


Their strongest fit is reporting on social media. So if you do ad management only for search and paid social, this may be a product to consider. Ad Stage has an API connector, but it’s only limited to major advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads. They have a 30-day free trial, and their packages start at $119/month after, depending on ad spend.

4.) Analytics Edge

Analytics Edge
Analytics Edge

Analytics Edge is different from the other Supermetrics alternatives because they are a Microsoft Excel add-on. The add-on has connectors for popular services like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and others. Using Excel, the user can take advantage of Macros and Quick Queries.


Although the uniqueness of being an Microsoft Excel add-on has its perks, the drawback is the limitations of their free version. Like others, it only connects to Google Analytics for free. The other integrations that are available you have to buy a la carte. So while it supports multiple accounts from multiple sources, you may be paying upwards of $60/month, depending on the amount of connectors you want.

5.) Klipfolio


Klipfolio is the largest platform of the 5 listed so far. They are more of an online dashboard platform rather than a connector as well. 


In my experience, Klipfolio is complementary to someone with a spreadsheet and analytical skill-set. This is because the platform is more geared towards Excel-savvy individuals with formulas, variables, and syntax queries. This can make learning Klipfolio a steep curve. They have tutorials, but many of them are aimed at a more advanced audience.


Overall, Klipfolio is a good platform if you have the patience or are doing reports at an agency. Klipfolio offers a 14-day free trial and starts at $49/month for individuals.

Final Words

Everything SuperMetrics can pull can also be done with a script through each platform’s API, but products like Apipheny just make it easier. As a data analytics I cut Supermetrics out long ago. Why pay that much for a service when you could have the code written one time and set a free Supermetrics alternative to run whenever you want?

There’s always the same dilemma between internal development and taking an off the shelf platform. Apipheny is a happy medium between sparing software costs and a developer to maintain integrations.

The more time you spend reporting, the less time you spend improving marketing campaigns, managing software development projects, and handling operations. Don’t let pricing eat into your margins, try the Apipheny Google Sheets add-on in the G-Suite Marketplace today!

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