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What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a business analytics software that lets you pull all the data you need into a unified, accessible location. It was originally designed to simplify companies’ access to Google Analytics data, but has since evolved and has now become a critical part of many a marketer’s toolbox — and for good reason.

At its core, Supermetrics is an app connector. It lets you connect your favorite data sources with the apps you use everyday to process that data. Marketers, for example, can use Supermetrics to connect Google Analytics with Google Sheets – pulling data from one place to the other.

Now, you’re probably thinking — can’t you just do that yourself for free?

Yes, you can. It’s much cheaper to pull data manually from one place to another – especially if you only deal with small datasets. But for people with larger operations, the time savings and convenience that Supermetrics provides is worth the investment.

In addition to giving you the ability to connect apps seamlessly with each other, Supermetrics also lets you automate your data transfers – allowing for faster and more powerful reporting.

Key Features

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Data Connectors
  • Data Import/Export
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Scheduled / Automated Reports
  • Search/Filter

Verified user reviews

Before anything else, below is an overview of the latest Supermetrics reviews written by verified users. We obtained these reviews from the following sources:

  • Supermetrics Website Testimonials
  • Google Workspace Marketplace Reviews
  • Capterra Reviews
  • G2 Reviews

Supermetrics Website Testimonials

Official testimonials from the Supermetrics website:

Review by Lyndsay Weir on the Supermetrics website testimonials page.
Review by Maricarmen Vargas on the Supermetrics website testimonials page.
Review by Sebastian Mehldau on the Supermetrics website testimonials page.

Google Workspace Marketplace Reviews

Official reviews from the Supermetrics Google Workspace Marketplace page.

Average approval rating: 82%

Review by Stefan Schreier on the Supermetrics Google Workspace Marketplace page.
Review by Stuart Hackett on the Supermetrics Google Workspace Marketplace page.
Review by Brandon Ward on the Supermetrics Google Workspace Marketplace page.

Capterra Reviews

Organically-submitted reviews from Capterra.

Average approval rating: 82%

Review of Supermetrics by Andrew B.  on Capterra.

G2 Reviews

Organically-submitted reviews from G2.

Average approval rating: 84%

Review of Supermetrics on G2.

Pros & Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of Supermetrics:


  • Great for big companies with big budgets
  • No coding required because of pre-built data connectors
  • 60+ data source connectors to choose from
  • Versatile PPC tool
  • Huge time-savings
  • Responsive, personable, and helpful customer service team
  • Several useful templates


  • Limited data source connectors
  • Occasionally buggy and unresponsive
  • License issues when free trial period and paid version overlap
  • Very pricey, especially for people with small operations
  • Queries sometimes fail without notification
  • Initial linking takes time to set up

How does Supermetrics work?

Supermetrics is an app connector, which means it lets you connect popular data source connectors with a data destination of your choice. Depending on your workflow and where you interact with your data, Supermetrics lets you pull data into several destinations. 


Data Visualization

Data Extraction

Google Analytics

Data Warehouses

Cloud Storage and Data Lakes

Supermetrics offers a unique product for each type of use case. And with these products come a vast selection of data source connectors from which you can pull your data. Each product has its own set of compatible connectors. There are connectors for advertising, e-commerce, web analytics, sales, and more.

For the full list of connectors, view this page.

Their most popular products are Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Supermetrics for Data Studio, which are both very popular apps for marketers and web analysts, which are their main audiences.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Supermetrics for Google Sheets is one of, if not the most, popular of Supermetrics’ products. Even though Sheets is a stripped-down version of Excel, lots of marketing and analytics teams prefer to use it because of its superior connectivity and automation, especially now that Google Workspace is so prevalent in businesses all over the world.

Adding Supermetrics to the mix makes Google Sheets even better — especially when coupled with a mastery of Sheets and the data source you’re working with.

Supermetrics for Data Studio

Supermetrics for Data Studio is another popular product from Supermetrics. Part of the job of an analyst/marketer is communicating — translating the mishmash of numbers into clear, simple English — and that often takes time to accomplish. Using Data Studio, you can create your reports in half the time.

With Supermetrics, you can save even more time by getting your data straight into Data Studio — instead of jumping through hoops each time you prep data for a report.

Other products

For the average professional, Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Data Studio should be enough to take on most tasks. Some people, however, will need something more powerful. It all depends on your use case, so take some time to review your workflow and see which product will suit you best.

How much does Supermetrics cost?

When it comes to pricing, Supermetrics doesn’t slap a price tag on each of their products and call it a day — each customer gets a quote that’s unique to their use case.

If you need only 1 data source, 1 account per data source, and 1 user, then you can expect to pay a low price. On average, though, assuming you use more than 3 data sources, you can expect to spend at least $200 per month. That’s the low end of the price range. But as the scale of the company increases, so does the price. Large companies pay a monthly fee somewhere around the thousands – sometimes more.

The great thing about Supermetrics is that you only pay for what you need. Each of their products is compatible with dozens of connectors, but they never force you to pay for anything you don’t use. This flexibility in pricing allows them to cater not only to multinational conglomerates but also small-time professionals.

Free trial

If you’re on the fence, that’s okay. Supermetrics offers a free, 14-day, fully-featured trial for all of their products. To gain access to a product’s free trial, simply download, install, and use the product of your choosing.

Is there a free version?

As it so happens, Supermetrics does offer a free mode for both their Google Sheets and Data Studio products. If you can get by with the limitations, you can forego buying premium and use the free mode instead.

Here are the limitations for Google Sheets and Data Studio when using free mode:

Google Sheets

  • No scheduled refresh
  • 100 max rows per query
  • 100 queries per day
  • Google Analytics is the only available connector to use

Data Studio

  • Single assigned user
  • 1 ad account per ad network
  • Max date range of last 10 days
  • Only these connectors available to use – Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Verizon Media Native Ads

To gain access to the free modes of these products, you first need to complete their 14-day free trial. When the free trial expires, the product automatically goes into the free mode.

Some people can get by using the free mode, but it’s very restricting. If money is your only issue with Supermetrics, then there are much better options out there.

Who should use Supermetrics?

Supermetrics has a place in all types of enterprises — big or small. Their pricing plans are very flexible, which makes it a viable choice for anyone — from sole proprietors to multinational companies — without breaking the bank. 

It shows, as well. Supermetrics has grown their user base to more than half a million users. But Supermetrics does tend to be more popular with bigger businesses.

In fact, here are some of Supermetrics’ clients:

Some of the biggest companies in the world rely on Supermetrics as one of their primary tools to conduct their daily data operations, and that’s because Supermetrics has a lot of features.

For fresh startups that just need to see the essentials, that can be a bit overkill. But for massive companies like Nestle or Samsung that fixate over every last dimension and metric — anything less would just be restricting.

With that said, Supermetrics is best used by:

  • Big companies who are focused on growth and always need fresh data
  • Agencies that consolidate data from multiple data sources to provide automated, customized, daily reports for various clients
  • Professionals looking to scale their ability to report as an individual

Big companies and agencies are what makes the biggest chunk of Supermetrics’ user base. Since the app is so powerful and their needs are so vast and specific, big entities like them get the most value from their investment.

Some professionals do prefer using Supermetrics, but often for the sake of custom and simplicity. For most others, the capabilities of a large-scale app like Supermetrics does more than what they need and costs more than they’re willing to pay — which leads us to our next topic.

Supermetrics alternatives

Supermetrics alternatives do exist. If your needs aren’t as vast or specific as Nestle’s or Samsung’s, then you might appreciate using an alternative tool that works similarly to Supermetrics but is cheaper, simpler, and gives you much more control.

Here’s a summary of our favorite alternatives to Supermetrics, in order of affordability:

  1. Apipheny ($59/year)
  2. Analytics Edge ($99/year)
  3. KPI Bees ($300/year)
  4. Klipfolio ($2,388/year)
  5. Ad Stage ($4,788/year)

Is Supermetrics right for you?

Supermetrics is an impressive tool that has empowered hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide to automate repetitive tasks and focus instead on what matters. That said, it isn’t for everyone.

While many people do thank Supermetrics for saving them hours upon hours of menial work — many experience the opposite. But the only way to know whether Supermetrics is right for you is to try it. It’s completely free.

If you like Supermetrics enough to pay for it, great! If you don’t, take another look at our list of alternatives and see what suits your business best.


If you are interested in trying a different tool, check out our Google Sheets add-on, Apipheny. Apipheny is an API importer, and you can use it to connect to thousands of different APIs.


Frequently asked questions about Supermetrics

Can I use Supermetrics to import Facebook data?

Yes, you can. Whether you’re interested in importing ads data, organic performance data, or competitor data, Supermetrics provides connectors for all the Facebook data you need. Click here to learn more.

How do I add Supermetrics into Google Data Studio?

To add and authorize Supermetrics connectors in Google Data Studio, follow this official guide written by Supermetrics.

How do I uninstall the Supermetrics plug-in?

The process for uninstalling the Supermetrics plug-in depends on which data destination you are currently using it with. In Google Sheets, click Add-ons > Manage add-ons > Supermetrics Options Menu > Uninstall. You should see something similar in your data destination’s user interface. If you need help, contact your data destination’s support team.

Who are Supermetrics’ biggest competitors?

Supermetrics has several competitors — some of the biggest are Funnel and Zapier. There are also smaller companies like us who compete for a smaller chunk of the market by catering to people who need more flexibility and have a tighter budget.

Does Supermetrics offer any marketing report templates?

Yes, they do. Click here to browse the official Supermetrics template gallery.

How do I contact Supermetrics support?

If you have any concerns, you can browse through the official support portal which contains hundreds of articles and discussions on various topics. If your concern is urgent, you can reach Supermetrics by posting on the official forum, submitting a ticket, sending them a message, or emailing them at

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