⚠️ If you open Apipheny and it is a blank white screen, it’s probably because you’re signed in to multiple Google accounts. To fix the issue, close Apipheny, sign out of your other Google accounts, use incognito browser, or sign in to your Google account in a different browser, then open Apipheny again.

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First, read through the FAQ below. If your question is still not answered, email us at support@apipheny.io or chat with us live by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner.

We prefer if you send us a chat message instead of an email. Please do not send both a chat message AND and an email about the same thing. We treat chat messages like emails, and we answer every message.

In your message, include as much details and a link to the API’s documentation when possible. Screenshots help too.

We usually respond in 1 business day, if not sooner.

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Apipheny Features

Tutorials on how to use Apipheny’s different features:


Here we show you how to connect some of the most commonly requested APIs to Google Sheets. Every API is different so there’s not one tutorial that covers every API. If you want to know how to connect an API that we haven’t covered yet, just send us a link to your API’s documentation and we’ll see if we can create a custom guide for you.

Apipheny Demo Videos: