Apipheny not working? Blank white screen? Seeing a payment screen after you paid? Try signing out of your other google accounts, or try using an incognito/different browser. Google has had an issue with being signed in to multiple accounts since 2017.

Need help?

First, read through the FAQ and links to resources below.  If you’re getting an error from the API, try googling the error to see if the answer already exists online.

If your question is still not answered, send us a message by clicking the chat icon in the lower corner of this page. You can also email us directly at support@apipheny(dot)io, but we prefer if you send a message using the chat box. Please do NOT send both a chat AND an email, just one. We check our chat inbox more often than we check our email inbox.

We answer 100% of our messages, as long as you leave your email address. If you don’t leave your email in the chat box, you won’t get our reply.

In your message, include as much details and a link to the API’s documentation when possible. Screenshots help too. If you want to send us a screen recording of an issue happening, we suggest using loom.com.

Our support hours are 9am-5pm Pacific Time (PST), Monday through Friday, excluding American holidays. We try to answer everyone within 24 hours during normal business hours.


-Team Apipheny


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Apipheny Features

Tutorials on how to use Apipheny’s different features:

API Tutorials

Here we show you how to connect some of the most commonly requested APIs to Google Sheets. Every API is different so there’s not one tutorial that covers every API. If you want to know how to connect an API that we haven’t covered yet, just send us a link to your API’s documentation and we’ll see if we can create a custom guide for you.

Apipheny Videos